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The journey to sustainable buildings: Real Estate and FM professionals share key drivers for investing in ESG technology

(Adnkronos) – ~ Planon survey reveals where Real Estate and Workplace Managers are on their ESG journey and what is needed to further build their ESG approach ~ 


NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the introduction of new environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulations in many countries, including the UK, the US and across the EU, ESG commitments are now a priority for most business executives. However, many are still at the first stage of their ESG journey, just starting to make the necessary changes to meet what is now expected. Planon conducted research into the ESG activities of hundreds of Real Estate investors, building owners and occupiers, as well as Facility Service providers. The report reveals what these businesses need to further build their ESG approach.  

‘ESG is a complex topic, and businesses need guidance on transforming data into insights so they can make proper decisions,’ says Pierre Guelen, Planon CEO and founder. ‘We see that 53% of businesses have defined ESG commitment targets but only 33% have an ESG performance governance plan in place. In addition, four in ten service providers have been asked for an ESG proposal by their customers. Companies are not only looking for ways to capture and track data to improve transparency; they are also looking for ‘smart solutions’ that will help to identify areas in which they can improve their performance.’ 

Planon conducted research into the ESG work of 605 Real Estate investors, building owners and occupiers, and Facility Service providers. The company looked at where these businesses stand, what ESG initiatives they currently have in place and how they perform against the ESG targets set. This includes a look into the future targets and further development of new ESG frameworks. 

The report also explores the importance of workplace technology, what features are currently in place and which new ones are needed to help achieve ESG targets – outlining the role smart technology is playing now and in the future. The research took place in Q2 2022 with respondents from 12 countries in Europe, and North America. 

A free copy of the Planon ESG Research report is available here. 

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